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The EpiNorth network project aims to improve communicable disease surveillance, control and communication in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and north-west regions of Russia.

On this site you can find information about epidemiological surveillance and outbreaks in various countries (EpiWatch), data on notifiable infectious diseases from our region (EpiNorthData) and national vaccination programmes in cooperating countries (EpiVax), also links within our networks (EpiLinks) and contact informarion (About us). Since 2013 the online version of the bilingual epidemiological journal (EpiNorth Journal) and educational and training material from our training courses (EpiTrain) are available in Archive. EpiNorth network is funded by the Ministry of Health and Care services. There is a close cooperation with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and by the Public Health Institutes of networking partners. EpiNorth networks Secretariat is at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

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Outbreak of hepatitis A in Norway: the most likely source of infection is imported frozen cake

In April 2014 the Norwegian Institute of Public Health reported that nineteen of the reported cases of hepatitis A are infected with the same variant of the virus. Several of the patients related to the outbreak have eaten cake with berries that was imported from Germany.



An outbreak of measles in Latvia


As of 4 April 2014, Center for prevention and control ofdiseases of Latvia reported an outbreak of measles. In March and April this year there were 8 cases of measles reported, mostly adults with no vaccination or with unknown vaccination status.