First national report from the European MSM Internet Survey (EMIS) available online

  Published: 05.07.11 Updated: 05.07.2011 15:16:26

The first national report about the MSM situation in Russia on the European MSM Internet Survey (EMIS) is now available on the project’s webpage. Also the first EMIS community report is available in several languages from the countries of the EpiNorth region.

The European MSM Internet Survey (EMIS) is a joint project of academic, governmental, and non-governmental partners from 33 countries in Europe (EU and neighbouring countries) to simultaneously run an online questionnaire in 25 different languages.

EMIS is designed to collect self-reported data from MSM across Europe. This data can be used to be included in national follow-up surveys for behavioural surveillance, but also for cross-sectional analyses – comparing different groups of MSM, comparing different countries or regions, etc.

EMIS is the first study in which a direct comparison of data on homosexuality, homosexual behaviour, and STIs among 33-40 countries can be undertaken. For some of the participating countries, it will generate the first empirical data on homosexuality.

EMIS results will form the basis for planning of prevention interventions for MSM by identifying prevention needs commonly unmet across MSM (priority aims), and subgroups of MSM who have many prevention needs poorly met (priority target groups).