Update on situation with measles in Ukraine

  Published: 13.01.12 Updated: 13.01.2012 09:31:59
According the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in the period 1-10 January 2012 there were 390 suspected measles cases reported.

Most of the cases occurred in western part of Ukraine: 162 cases in Lviv oblast; 116 - in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast; 27 - in Rivne; 8 suspected cases in the city of Kiev.

Preventive measures are taken by the State Sanitary and Epidemiological service of Ukraine in order to prevent the spread of measles. In Lviv oblast, were the incidence is highest, visits of hospitalised patients are limited; the winter vacations in schools are extended. Persons who are not vaccinated against measles or do not have any records to prove this are not allowed in schools. Training is temporally suspended in educational institutions where a case of measles is identified.