Situation with measles in Sankt-Petersburg, Russian Federation

  Published: 17.02.12 Updated: 17.02.2012 16:25:32

As of 16 February 2012 the Directorate of the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being (Rospotrebnadzor ) in Sankt-Petersburg reported 135 cases of measles (of these 94 children under 18 years old) since the beginning of the 2012.

Children at 12 months are vaccinated against measles following the National immunisation programme with a booster dose at 6 years.
Adults under 57 years old have to be vaccinated twice with at least 3 months room between two doses.

On 2 February 2012 the Chief state epidemiologist of St.-Petersburg has released a temporary order for medical and educational institutions to refuse or suspend an employment of persons not vaccinated against measles and those who did not have measles infection before. Also refuse acceptance to the day care centres of children not vaccinated against measles and who were not ill with measles previously.

Contacts of known measles case have to be followed up 21 day since the last direct contact with an ill person by medical staff. In occurrence of any signs of infection, call the doctor and report if there was eventually exposure to measles.