EpiNorth Journal 2008, No 4  

Behavioural risk factors in drug addicts who visited the low-threshold support centre in Murmansk in 2006
Evaluation of the EpiNorth Project
Specialist Profile Series: Liudmila Lyalina
Abstracts from the Regional Epidemiologists' meeting, Oslo 2008
Salmonellosis in the Leningrad oblast, 1995-2007
Syphilis epidemiology in Sweden: Re-emergence since 2000 primarily due to spread among men who have sex with men

EpiNorth Journal, 2008, No 3  

Editorial: Antimicrobial resistance – still our joint responsibility
The Specialist Profile Series. Hans Blystad
Tuberculosis in the Nordic and Baltic countries in 2006
A Local Outbreak Of Quinolone-Resistant Gonorrhoea In Norway, January 2008
Antibiotic use and nosocomial infections among patients at the Arkhangelsk multifield children’s hospital: results of monitoring during 2006-2008
Antimicrobial use and antimicrobial resistance in the Baltic and Nordic countries

EpiNorth Journal 2008, No 2  

Tungiasis - the first case of imported arthropodic infection diagnosed in Lithuania
The National Priority Project in Public Health in the Russian Federation and additional immunization in Leningrad oblast, 2006-2007
Surveillance and epidemiology of hepatitis B and C in Europe – a review
Notification of Communicable Diseases in the Barents and Baltic Sea Region, 2007
Upcoming conferences

EpiNorth Journal 2007, No 4 / 2008, No 1  

Call for papers
The epidemiological situation for some important infectious diseases in the Barents and Baltic Sea area - an update
The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC): growing role in the defence against infectious diseases
Regional Epidemiologists’ Meeting (REM), 10-11 December 2007, Saint-Petersburg, Russia