EpiNorth Journal

EpiNorth Journal is published four times a year in English and Russian. It contains outbreak reports, articles on infectious disease epidemiology and the annual data from the national/regional systems for surveillance of infectious diseases.

Latest issue of the EpiNorth Journal, Vol12, No2The scope of EpiNorth

EpiNorth Journal is aimed at physicians and others with an interest in the surveillance and control of communicable diseases in Northern Europe. The Journal and its home-page provides information concerning infectious disease control in the Northern European area. It features news of recent outbreaks in the area, presentations of various communicable disease control actors, yearly surveillance data, reports ofpublic health policies, emerging infections and other topics in communicable diseases. Review articles, case reports and comments covering different aspects of infectious disease control and epidemiology are also published.

Participating institutes

EpiNorth is a journal of a network of infectious disease control institutes in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and in Northwest Russia. Presently, 12 institutes in nine countries are participating in the network.

EpiNorths Editors

Editor-in-chief is Kuulo Kutsar (Estonia). He is supported by the associated editors from institutes for infectious disease control: Kåre Mølbak (Denmark), Markku Kuusi (Finland), Hans Blystad (Norway), Milda Zygutiene (Lithuania) and Lyudmila Lialina (Russia). Inga Velicko (Sweden) is the managing editor of the Journal.

EpiNorth Editorial Board (EB)

Each of the partner-institutes appoints one member for the EpiNorths editorial board. They are responsible for information about EpiNorth in their country/region, encourage authors in their institutes/regions to submit articles to EpiNorth, provide EpiNorthData, data on vaccination and case-definitions, and co-ordinate distribution of EpiNorth in their country/region. See the list of board members in About us.

EpiNorth Editorial Office

The Editorial Office is located at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health in Oslo. The office takes care of the document-flow (keeps contact with authors, editors, interpreters and proofreaders of language), organises meetings, provides reports and maintains and updates the home-page Members of the Editorial Office are Gražina Rimšelienė (Epidemic Intelligence Officer) and Elena Torgersen (Editorial Assistant).

Publishing and distribution

EpiNorth is published with four issues annually. The journal is printed in Estonia, and distributed on subscription.


Scientific, governmental and non-governmental institutions and organisations, as well as individual health-care professionals can subscribe for free.  Please send you home or work postal address and required number of copies to

Copyright issues

EpiNorth considers manuscripts that have not been previously published and are not being simultaneously considered for publication elsewhere. After special agreement, articles that have been published in journals, newsletters or other periodicals of the participating institutes may be re-published in EpiNorth. If a contribution is accepted for publishing in EpiNorth, it may later be freely republished if the original publishing in EpiNorth is fully acknowledged and the Editor is notified. Use of direct quotations, tables, or illustrations from copyrighted material in submissions to EpiNorth must be accompanied by written permission for their use from the copyright owner and original author, along with complete information as to source.